Initial Price List


Below prices are general ideas to understand how much a normal Topographical Survey will cost (GST Exclusive). Having a cost idea help clients to expect a reasonable quote. There are also so many factors that may influence on estimations, which we mentioned some of them below this page.

Under 700m² 700m² to 850m² 850m² to 1100m²
Flat Site $1200 $1300 $1400
Sloped Terrain +$100 to $150 +$100 to $300 +150 to $350
Vegetation in Site +$100 to $200 +$150 to $250 +$200 to $300

* All fees are GST Exclusive

Example 1;  a full site topo of a 650m² flat site with only 2 or 3 trees in the site will cost only $1200+$0+$0=$1200.00

Example 2; a full site topo of 1050m² slope site that highest point to lowest point of the site has a 20m difference and boundaries are covered with lots of hedges and trees and visibility inside the site is low due to the thickness of vegetation, will cost around $1400+$350+$300= $2050.00