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If you are considering land subdivisions, or if your existing boundaries have become unclear with time, and you require a boundary redefinition, call your local surveyors in Manukau. We’re here to provide expert assistance regardless of the complexity of your project.

The diverse landscape of Manukau presents various challenges when conducting a land survey. These challenges can vary depending on factors such as zoning regulations, land topography, infrastructure availability, soil stability, flood zones, or ecological preservation, among others. Some areas with flat terrain and established infrastructure are relatively straightforward for surveying, while hilly or challenging terrain can pose more difficulties.


Therefore, It’s advisable to consult with Survplanz if you are working on a project that requires a precise land survey and proper legal documentation to submit to the local Council. We have the expertise to handle various surveying challenges and ensure the success of your project.

Cadastral Survey Or Boundary Survey

Property boundaries can sometimes be disputed, especially in densely populated areas where boundary peggings can get lost or interconnected with other properties. At our firm, we offer expertise in delineating property boundary lines, catering to a variety of scenarios.

Whether you’re contemplating to erect a new fence along your property’s edge, engaged in a land transaction without clear boundary demarcations, or planning to construct a new structure or driveway while unsure of the exact boundaries, we’re here to assist.

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Moreover, if you’re dealing with questions about tree ownership between neighbours or facing a boundary dispute, our services can provide clarity and resolution. Additionally, for subdivision projects that require legal certifications like Section 223 certificate and 224c certificate, we have you covered.

Topographic Survey In Manukau

Before you build anything, it’s really important to understand the land you’re working with. This means having accurate information about the ground and its features. This type of information is crucial for planning and designing things like houses, neighbourhoods, and other structures.

A Topographic survey provides important details about the land. This includes things like where the boundaries are, the levels of the ground, and even details about trees and buildings. We make sure to show everything on a map, like where structures are, the slopes of the land, and even small things like paths and driveways.

Our surveys are detailed and accurate; we include lots of details to make sure everything is right. We put in things like the address, a special point that shows north, and other important info. This way, you can use our surveys to plan and build things with confidence.

Drainage As-Built Survey

A drainage as-built survey involves the creation of a certified plan by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. This plan is essential when there are extensions to the public drainage system or new manholes/chambers constructed within the public system. At Survplanz, we conduct thorough surveys of these manholes and invert levels, resulting in an accredited as-built drawing that provides a comprehensive representation of the drainage system’s layout and components.

If you are working on a project that involves the expansion of the public drainage system or addition of new manholes/chambers, you need a comprehensive drainage As-Built plan. You can contact us to create a survey plan that encompasses a detailed layout of the extended or new components. As Licensed Cadastral Surveyors, we specialise in surveying these manholes and invert levels to produce certified as-built drawings for accurate documentation.

GPS Survey

GPS surveying, or Global Positioning System surveying, is a highly accurate method used to determine precise locations on the Earth’s surface using satellite signals. This technology allows us to collect data about geographic features, boundaries, and topography with remarkable accuracy. It’s particularly useful for large-scale projects, such as land development, infrastructure planning, and mapping.

By utilising signals from a network of satellites, GPS surveying can provide real-time positioning information which enables us to create accurate maps, measure distances, and define boundaries with a high degree of precision.

Road Surveying

Road surveying is a critical process in civil engineering and construction projects that involves the precise measurement and mapping of roads, highways, and transportation infrastructure. This type of surveying ensures that roadways are designed, built, and maintained to meet safety standards and specifications.

Survplanz uses specialised equipment and techniques to gather data on factors such as road alignment, gradients, curves, cross-sections, and pavement conditions. This information is crucial for proper road design, maintenance planning, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation networks.

Need Help? Contact Professional Surveyors Manukau

If you’re in need of reliable and professional land surveying services in the Manukau area, consult with Survplaz. Our team is here to assist you with a wide range of surveying tasks.

Whether you’re planning a land subdivision, require boundary redefinition, need accurate topographical data, or have any other surveying requirement, we have the expertise to deliver accurate and efficient solutions. With a deep understanding of the local landscape and regulations, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality service.