Commerical & Residential Boundary Survey

Residential Boundary Survey

Building a new fence or landscaping your garden? You must know the exact boundaries to avoid encroaching onto neighbouring land. We perform commercial and residential boundary surveys to accurately locate boundary markers so you can have a clear understanding of your property’s limits.

Over time, boundary pegs can become misplaced, shifted, or even deteriorate. So, before initiating any new construction or renovation work, it’s wise to arrange a comprehensive survey of your property.

Our team can help in redefining boundary pegs by performing a comprehensive survey of your land. And any new boundary pegs our surveyors put in place will be officially documented with Land Information New Zealand, providing you with peace of mind.

If your property’s boundaries were determined a long time ago and now you are uncertain about the pegs, let us know. Our experienced team can evaluate your situation and offer guidance on your available options.

Complete our “Request a Quote” form with your details and we will share an estimate of our residential boundary survey service.

Finding Your Property’s Boundary Lines

Only a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor (LCS) possesses the authority to conduct a boundary redefinition survey and Survplanz is authorised to perform this job. We are Licensed Cadastral surveyors and a member of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors. This means we possess the knowledge and licensing required to identify and demarcate property boundaries. Our survey serves as the authoritative record of property boundary locations.

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We assist you in determining your residential property boundary lines in the following scenarios:

  • When planning the construction of a new structure or driveway on your property and you are uncertain about boundary locations, we perform a construction survey to locate boundaries.
  • When erecting a new fence between your property and adjacent land.
  • When purchasing or selling a portion of land, you are uncertain regarding the actual boundaries.
  • When identifying the owner of a tree(s) situated between you and your neighbour.
  • In cases of disputes with your neighbour concerning the location of a boundary.
  • To fulfil consent requirements, construction projects often require certification to define legal boundaries.

Our Process Of Boundary Redefinition Surveys

Once you accept our boundary survey quotation, we will initiate a thorough examination of all available evidence, including plans furnished by LINZ (Land Information New Zealand). This process involves calculating the boundaries and establishing connections from existing survey references to those boundaries.

Armed with the requisite data, we will conduct an on-site visit to either locate the existing pegs or mark out the legal boundary corners of your land. Additional markers or pegs can also be strategically positioned along the trajectory of any legal boundary or at a specified distance from the boundary fence if required.


What are boundary pegs?

Boundary pegs also referred to as “survey pegs” or “lot pegs,” are markers positioned along the edges or corners of a property’s land boundaries. They serve to physically outline the extent of the land’s limits. These pegs are typically located at ground level and can be found at the corners of your property. It’s important to note that removing or relocating boundary pegs is against the law.

What is the cost of a boundary survey at Survplanz?

The cost estimation for our land survey services entails various elements, yet our pricing starts at $550 + GST and disbursement for a basic road frontage survey. If you want an exact estimate for the boundary survey, contact us today.

Why do you need a boundary survey?

Boundary surveys provide absolute clarity regarding property limits, thereby preventing any potential encroachments onto neighbouring land and eliminating disputes. Accurate boundary pegging safeguards both buyers and sellers during property transactions. It confirms accurate property dimensions, bolstering transparency and trust in the transaction. Thus, boundary surveying grants property owners a secure foundation for decision-making, legal compliance, and peaceful coexistence with neighbours.

How do I find my property lines?

You can find your property lines by yourself by following these simple steps. Start by locating any old pegs near the corners of your fence or old boundary markers on top of posts. If you can’t find them, talk to your neighbours. They might know where their property lines are, and you could ask them for that information. If this doesn’t work and you still want to avoid hiring surveyors, you can keep searching for the old markers.

Before you go outside to look, make sure you have all the important documents with you. Get a copy of your property title and survey plan. These papers have the information you need.

Usually, the survey plan shows each boundary with a direction and a distance next to it. If your distances are in links, you can multiply the number of links by 0.201168 to get the distance in metres.

Now, you’re almost ready to do what surveyors do.

For the next steps, you can read this article “perform property survey of your own home”. This might help you find the old boundary pegs. But remember, in New Zealand, only Licensed Surveyors are allowed to officially mark or redefine boundaries.

So, if you need any help from professionals, you can contact us at any time.