Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

If you want to determine the legal boundaries of your land or need assistance with easements or rights of way that exist on the property, you should consult with a licensed cadastral surveyor like Survplaz.

As licensed Cadastral surveyors, our job is to make sure that land ownership is properly documented and that properties are accurately defined. We specialise in measuring, mapping, and defining land boundaries.

We use a combination of tools, technology, and expertise to establish property boundaries, create survey plans, and provide precise information that is used for property transactions, development projects, subdivisions, boundary disputes, and various legal and regulatory requirements related to land use.

The Importance Of A Cadastral Survey

When you are buying or selling land, planning to build on it or just curious about property value, a cadastral survey is likely necessary. As a landowner, buyer or developer, you need a legal description of the boundaries of a property and for this, you will require accurate measurements of the boundaries to avoid disputes of your land or property, you will have evidence to support your claim.

As a landowner, buyer, or developer, you require precise boundary descriptions and measurements as evidence to prevent land disputes. Cadastral surveys are particularly helpful when determining ownership boundaries, especially if properties share a border. This prevents disagreements and legal costs if one party sells their share. By clearly marking boundary lines, potential conflicts are averted.

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Beyond boundaries, cadastral surveys offer insight into property location, encumbrances, and restrictions like easements or building setbacks. This information guides decisions regarding land use and development.

Moreover, these surveys are invaluable when planning construction projects homes or businesses on empty lots within larger residential zones. Incorporating these markers into new structures and submitting plans to local authorities before construction begins saves time and expenses. It also helps eliminate project management challenges in the future. Thus, these Cadastral surveys bring valuable insights into the project’s nature, contributing to efficient planning and execution.

Our Duties As A Cadastral Surveyor Auckland

As licensed Cadastral surveyors, we perform a range of commercial and residential boundary survey tasks to measure and define land boundaries.

  • We accurately determine property boundaries by conducting field measurements and analysing historical documents and records.
  • We plan and execute the division of land into smaller lots or sections, ensuring that each new parcel complies with Council regulations.
  • We create detailed survey plans that illustrate property boundaries, dimensions, and any relevant features or improvements. Our survey verifies that buildings adhere to Council regulations regarding height in relation to boundaries, maximum height, and yard stipulations. We provide certification upon confirming compliance.
  • For public drainage system extensions or new manhole/chamber constructions, a Licensed Cadastral Surveyors drawn As-Built plan is necessary. At Survplanz, we conduct surveys of manholes and record invert levels to produce certified as-built drawings.
  • Establish and define easements, which are rights of use over another person’s land, and covenants, which are agreed-upon restrictions on how the land can be used.
  • Conduct topographic surveys to map the natural and man-made features of a piece of land, including elevation changes, contours, vegetation, streams, slopes, buildings, and infrastructure.
  • We work on land title issues, such as updating property records after a subdivision or other changes to land use.
  • We submit applications for s223 and s224c certificates for subdivisions.
  • Maintain data accuracy through continuous checks.

How Cadastral Survey Is Done By Survplanz

As a member of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors, our work is aligned with Council regulations to ensure precision. We conduct field surveys by using advanced cadastral survey instruments like laser scanners and ranging rods.

During our survey for land transfer and subdivision in Auckland, we meticulously cross-reference adjoining property maps, county and utility maps, survey records, and legal documents to define property boundaries.

During this process, we also clearly indicate metes and bounds and establish a traverse around the property.

To manage cadastre data, our licensed surveyors use specialised software solutions to produce detailed cadastre maps and plans that adhere to Council standards. Our dedication to accuracy is vital, as inaccuracies could lead to disputes over property ownership or taxation, and might hinder land parcel development or use.

Contact Professional Surveying Company In Auckland

If you’re looking for professional cadastral surveying services for your Auckland property, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. With over 18 years of experience in construction and cadastral surveying, both in New Zealand and abroad, Survplanz Ltd offers comprehensive surveying services, specialising in small to medium-sized development projects. We provide a seamless and comprehensive service from project initiation to completion.

We take pride in our team of skilled and experienced surveyors who are well-versed in the intricacies of cadastral surveying. We understand the importance of accurate boundary information and detailed property measurements.

As licensed surveyors, we are committed to precision and professionalism. We ensure that you’ll receive reliable surveying results that meet both Council requirements and your specific project goals. Whether you’re planning a new construction, property subdivision, or any other development endeavour, our expertise and dedication are here to support your success.