We can assist you in all stages of your subdivision including :
– Site Survey
– Proposed Subdivision
– Subdivision Consent Application

– Boundary Marking
– 223 and 224c certificates
– Land Transfer Plan

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Land Transfer Survey

Some other Land Transfer Surveys listed below:
– Removal of Limitation
– Boundary Redefinition
– Covenant and Easement Survey
– Boundary Relocation / Adjustment
– Unit Title and Strata Subdivision
– Legalisation Survey

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Construction Survey

We can help you in all stages of your building construction:
– Building Setout
– Boundary pegging
– Height In Relation to Boundary
– Drainage Setout
– As-Built Survey
– Siting certificate
– Monitoring of Settlement

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Boundary Survey

We help you to find your property boundary lines in case you want to build a new fence, buy/sell a parcel of land, build a new structure on your property, find the owner of the tree(s) or hedges close to the boundary, or a dispute on the location of boundaries.

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Site Survey / Topographical Survey

To design and build any structure with confidence, you need to know the lay of the land – literally. That means having the information you need, in a format, you can work with. Accurate ground and feature data are essential for the efficient planning and design of development works.

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Cross Lease Update & Cross Lease Conversion

We are happy to assist you either if you have a cross lease title that needs to be updated or if you are thinking to convert a cross lease to freehold.

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