Section 223 Certificate

Section 223 Certificate

The subdivision consent alone does not grant you new land titles. You should acquire new titles such as Section 223 certificate and Section 224(c) certificate from the District Land Registrar. A 223 certificate serves as evidence that the necessary infrastructure and services for property development, such as water supply, sewage disposal, and access, have been completed and meet the council’s requirements.

It also ensures that the subdivision plan is correct and that all the necessary legal documents like easements or land covenants are included in the plan. Without this certificate, the newly created lots may not be legally recognised and cannot be issued separate titles.

Section 224c Certificate

After you get a Section 223 certificate from the Council, you have three years to get a Section 224c certificate. This certificate is final approval from the Council, saying that all the things required in the subdivision consent have been done as per the Council’s requirements. When you apply for this certificate, you need to list all the things the Council asked you to do and explain how you did them.

To get the Section 224c certification, the Council’s officers and engineers will visit the site, check the documents you gave them (like plans showing new things you built), make sure you paid any necessary fees, and see if you did everything Auckland Council asked you to do. If they’re satisfied, they’ll sign the certificate. You then need to give this certificate to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) so they can issue separate titles for the new parts of the land you created.

How Survplanz Can Help In Obtaining Certificates

At Survplanz, we strive to help you efficiently achieve your subdivision goals. We are licensed cadastral surveyors who can help you obtain the necessary certificates. We gather and interpret different information to figure out where your current boundaries are. We will also suggest new boundaries for a subdivision by putting boundary peggings. Next, we will create survey plans and other supporting documents to show how the area will look after the subdivision.

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We include a copy of the draft of our initial survey plan when applying for s223 applications to the local Council. The council then checks the application within 10 working days and issues the s223 certificate once they’re satisfied with the initial survey plans.

Once we get the s223 certificate we can apply for the s224c certificate, which is an intrinsic part of the subdivision process under the Resource Management Act. Once Subdivision Consent is granted by the Council, it usually comes with specific conditions that must be fulfilled before any further work can proceed and before new titles can be issued in the future.

Our team will help you understand these conditions and ensure that each condition is met. We also ensure to get other relevant approvals needed to support the s224c application. Then we will submit a formal application to the Council and request that they provide a s224c certificate.

After obtaining the s224c certificate, we lodge it from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). The lodging is a crucial step to grant you separate Records of Title for the new sections of land you created. It’s important to lodge s224c with LINZ before the Section 223 approval expires (which is usually within three years from when it was signed).

We make sure to not miss this deadline, otherwise, the land transfer and subdivision consent will become invalid. This means you’d need to start the whole process again, which would waste a significant amount of time and money.

Can I apply for the 223 and 224(c) certificates?

Yes, a local individual can apply for Section 223 and Section 224 certificates through the local council. The process involves submitting the necessary documentation, fulfilling the requirements outlined by the council, and undergoing inspections to ensure compliance with the conditions of the subdivision consent.

However, the process can be complex, and if you aren’t familiar with local regulations, you must seek assistance from licensed cadastral surveyors to obtain the required certificates on your behalf.

You can get a Section 224c certificate in about 15 working days. However, if your application is incomplete or if more work is needed to meet the conditions in the consent, it might take longer.

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Timing and proper procedures are key in obtaining s223 and s224c certificates. And, if you’re considering subdividing your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We are licensed cadastral surveyors who can help you with your subdivision projects. Our only goal is to simplify the process for you so you can gain full control over your property while maintaining good relationships with your neighbours.

Keep in mind that the process of subdivision involves legal procedures, and only licensed land survey consultants can provide the necessary expertise to guide you through it. If you require assistance beyond subdivision, whether it’s related to a GPS survey, road survey, engineering survey, or BOMA/rentable area survey, contact Survplanz.

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