Sharp and Accurate Construction Survey

Construction Survey

Looking to expand a public drainage system or construct new manholes and chambers? Do you require accurate drainage as-built plans via a thorough construction survey? Interested in ensuring your buildings adhere to standard height-to-boundary ratio requirements? Hoping to obtain pre-construction approval from Council inspectors and engineers for your site? We are your guys.

We are licensed cadastral surveyors who have spent years mastering various construction surveying tasks. Since 2014, we have collaborated with architects, building planners, developers, construction companies and property owners to provide comprehensive site survey reports for their construction ventures. If you understand the importance of surveys in construction and want experts to assess your site before construction begins, feel free to call us at 09 8695167.

Comprehensive Construction Site Survey Report

Before any construction project begins, Councils require legal verification to ensure the development is done right from the beginning. At Survplanz, we work with you to ensure that your new building’s layout is correct and accurate.

We conduct a comprehensive construction site survey by visiting your site and accurately marking the boundaries of your proposed build. After the survey, we create a detailed construction site survey report along with the necessary set-out certifications required to meet the requirements of Council inspectors and engineers.

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Measuring More Than Land

We are more than just land surveyors; we are strategic thinkers knowledgeable enough to support you throughout every phase of your building construction journey. We make sure that every aspect of your land is carefully analysed in terms of environmental considerations, space utilisation, boundaries, elevations, or drainage systems to make sure you have a robust building structure. We also make sure your building adheres to council requirements.

Building Setout

Engaging a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor to set out your building can yield significant time and cost savings down the road. If your building isn’t in the right place, it can cost a lot. If your building’s setup plan isn’t right from the beginning, your construction projects might get delayed, and fixing the plans can cost more. We make it clear with setout diagrams for different types of buildings like multi-story units, single-story terraced houses, rural homes, and more to make things clear for the construction team.

Moreover, oftentimes, Councils ask for a Setout certificate when you want a code of compliance certificate after your building is done. We provide the necessary certificate that you can submit to the council.

Boundary Pegging

Building a new fence or putting up a structure near the boundary? Our survey team can help by marking the corners of your land with pegs. Sometimes, boundary pegs go missing because of fence construction or they get covered up by things like lawnmowers. This can make it hard to find them if they’re still around. If you’re looking for your boundary pegs, think they’re gone or might be in the wrong spot, just get in touch. We can give you a pretty good estimate of where your fences are.

Height to Boundary Ratio

The ratio of a building’s height to its distance from the boundary helps Councils understand how a new development project can affect the neighbouring properties. If a building is too tall compared to how far it is from the boundary, it can block sunlight and daylight for nearby properties. And that’s why Councils require a section 223 certificate from land surveyors to ensure that the development complies with the standard requirements.

When constructing a new building, the architect will calculate and show how tall the building is compared to the boundary on the plans. It is called HIRB calculations. If the building is close to the limits, Councils often want a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor to check the actual height compared to the boundary before the building goes beyond its starting stage. Sometimes, more checks are needed when the building’s framework is done.

If your building is close to the HIRB limits, it’s a good idea to have a Licensed Surveyor check it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up getting costly updates which eat up your time as well. You might even need to get special permission from neighbours or change the building to fit the rules.

Moreover, if there’s a plan to divide land where there are already buildings, height-to-boundary calculations are also needed. This makes sure that these existing buildings won’t break the rules on the new boundaries.

We can do these calculations for you once we know how high the ground is and how big the buildings are, which we can figure out during the Site Survey.

We’ll look at your building plans and give you advice about the potential issues and also give you a HIBR calculation certificate to submit to the Council.

Drainage As-Built Survey

When the public drainage system is expanded or new manholes/chambers are built, a drainage As-Built plan created by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor is needed. At Survplanz, we can survey the manholes and measure invert levels to provide you with an official As-built drawing that’s certified.

Let Expert Eyes Take A Look Around Your Site

Before starting your new construction project, allow our team of seasoned experts to survey your site to make sure it complies with building Council requirements. With years of experience and a keen understanding of various construction projects, we specialise in providing comprehensive construction surveys, creating detailed reports, and providing building setout certificates for Council.

We’re Auckland’s trusted land surveyors, catering to the needs of small and medium-sized development projects. If you’d like to schedule a construction site assessment or need a complimentary quote, please call us at 09 8695167.