The Importance Of Construction Surveys: Ensuring Precision And Accuracy In Building Projects

The Importance Of Construction Surveys: Ensuring Precision And Accuracy In Building Projects

Construction surveys are essential for ensuring the precision and accuracy of building projects, as they provide builders and landowners with important information regarding the land. Building projects could go seriously awry without precise measurements, and significant mistakes could be made. 

What Is Surveying?

Surveying involves professional surveyors analysing and measuring the dimensions of a site. They are used to establish important details and locations for building projects, and the information they provide can help builders and designers make good decisions regarding their projects. Surveys can also identify any potential obstacles or hazards that people should know about when working on the land. 

There are actually a few different kinds of construction surveys, and each can be used for different purposes. Here are a few of the most notable ones:

  • Boundary Surveys. These are used to establish the legal boundaries of a property and are very important because they help builders ensure that the project is built on the correct property. This can also prevent encroaching on neighbouring properties.
  • Topographical Surveys/Site Survey. These are used to map the surface features of a site, including building footprints, concrete drives and paths, major trees, visible services, hills, valleys and streams. This information can then be used to plan the construction of a project in a way that makes sure the new structure is built safely and efficiently while taking the shape of the land into account.
  • Drainage As-Built Surveys. (need to be completed)

A drainage As-Built plan, drawn by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor or registered surveyor is required when the public drainage system has been extended or new manholes/chambers constructed in the public system. 

  • Building Setout (need to be completed)

Councils often require this legal verification before the build proceeds to ensure everything is done right from the start. The surveyor work with you to ensure the building set out is completely accurate and produce the relevant setout certifications to satisfy Council inspectors and engineers.

  • Road and Drainage Setout

The surveyor work with developer to ensure the road and drainage set out is completely accurate and all the services placed in the right position without interrupting each other. 

  • HIRB and Siting survey

These construction surveys document the actual dimensions and features of a structure after it has been built. An as-built survey can help to confirm that a structure has been built correctly. These details are essential for a variety of purposes, including obtaining the CCC or 224c from Council

Why Are Surveys Important?

It’s pretty clear that accurate construction surveys are extremely vital to any construction project. They can provide the essential information needed to ensure that a project goes well and that the resulting structure is safe and sturdy.

Accurate surveying is essential because:

They Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes. Surveys can identify any potential problems with a project before they occur, saving you heaps of time and money down the track.

For example, a surveyor can identify if a site is suitable for construction or if there are any notable obstacles that could cause issues in the future. If you’re aware of any issues, you can make the best decisions for your project now. This can help you avoid costly problems like delays and expensive reworks. 

Ensure Compliance With Regulations. Surveys can help to make sure that a project fully complies with all applicable regulations. This can help you avoid the costly fines or penalties that could apply to you if you make any mistakes or disobey any laws. 

For instance, a surveyor can help to ensure that the project is built within the correct setback requirements. Crossing property boundaries can result in troublesome conflicts with the landowner of the property you encroached on, so it’s best to avoid doing so as much as you can. A construction survey will give you a very clear layout of where you can build and where you cannot. 

Facilitate Communication. An accurate survey can help to improve communication between all stakeholders in a project. This can keep everyone on the same page so that the project progresses smoothly and without unnecessary conflict.  

This is why hiring a licensed cadastral surveyor is so vital. You need experienced surveyors who know how to efficiently and accurately measure a site without making mistakes so that you know the exact dimensions and details of your property.

If a surveyor can accurately provide a map of the construction site, then that map can be used to communicate the location of different notable features to the construction team and anyone else involved in the project.

How You Can Find Accurate, Efficient Surveyors In Auckland

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