Land Survey Services: Understanding The Key Role Of Surveyors In Land Development

land survey services

Land Survey Services: Understanding The Key Role Of Surveyors In Land Development

Land survey services are essential for land development projects for a plethora of reasons. Once you learn more about what they do and the kind of information they can provide you with, you’ll see why hiring a land surveyor to analyse your land before you start a construction project is so important. 

Surveyors play an extremely vital role in ensuring that land development projects are completed safely and that they comply with all applicable NZ regulations. They can survey the land to give you information about things such as topographical features, property boundary lines and other very important details that you need to know before you start any kind of work.

Land surveyors can provide you with a variety of services to support your new land development project, such as:

  • Subdivision Services. Surveyors can assist you with your subdivision, identifying the best ways to divide a lot of land into smaller parcels. Their experience can help you do so intelligently without making costly mistakes with your choices.
  • Scheme Plan Surveyors can create concise site plans that show the layout of a development project in a way that’s detailed yet understandable. A Scheme plan will show you the location of the new boundaries, easements, buildings, roads and other legal matters regarding to the new proposed subdivision plan. 
  • Topographical Surveys. A topographical survey will map the elevation and contour of the land, displaying the way the land is shaped. This information is absolutely essential for planning and designing a safe, level structure, as well as for ensuring that the project is feasible and meets the needs of the developer. 
  • Boundary Surveys. A boundary survey will determine the exact boundaries of a property that is being developed. Knowing where you’re not allowed to build will help you avoid property disputes and ensure that your development doesn’t encroach on neighbouring properties.

Why Are Land Surveyors Essential For Successful Land Development Projects?

With the help of professional land survey services, your project can be improved in the following ways:

Better Planning And Design. Surveyors provide accurate information about the property, such as its topography, boundaries, elevation and so much more. This information is essential for planning and designing the project in a way that ensures the structures built will be safe and sturdy. This can also make sure that the project is feasible and meets all of your needs.

Surveyors can help you identify the best locations for all of your development plans. By considering factors such as the topography of the land, the boundaries of the property and the availability of utilities, professional surveyors can choose the best parts of a property for specific structures.

More Efficient Construction. Surveyors support construction activities by setting out landmarks for construction workers to follow. This will help the project stay on plan and keep everyone and everything in the right places. If work is done in the wrong areas of the property, then mistakes could be made and your project could be delayed.

This is why contacting a qualified surveyor early on in your development project is so important. If you hire them for their land survey services before construction starts, they will identify the best areas for whatever you are planning. This can save you heaps of time in the future because you’ll know exactly where to start.

Total Compliance. Efficient land survey services and the details they provide will make it easier to fully comply with all applicable New Zealand regulations. This includes zoning laws, building codes and environmental regulations. 

This is essential for avoiding costly and troublesome legal problems and for ensuring that the development project is completed safely and legally. For example, you can hire a surveyor to conduct a boundary survey that will pinpoint exactly where your property ends and the surrounding properties begin. This is useful because you’ll know where you can and cannot build.

A professional can help you understand if they need or don’t need certain permits for your development project. If you do need any, then they’ll help you understand what you can do to obtain the permits so that you can continue with your development.

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Overall, land survey services play a vital role in any kind of land development project. Professional surveyors can provide accurate information and support you throughout your project.

Our team at Survplanz is here to help you ensure your project is completed safely, efficiently and in accordance with all applicable regulations in New Zealand. Our services can prevent frustrating and stressful problems down the track.

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